Special forces
in IT.

We at Juutuan Consulting
are special forces in IT.

We go where highly trained professional services specialists are needed.

We operate through our partners and offer local expertise and presence to vendors, service providers and resellers on projects that they might not have the right resources or even the need for them in the longer run. Our consultants have a strong background in ICT -infrastructure and specialized skills and focus areas that add to our team´s capabilities to offer and deliver complete vendor-agnostic end results to our customers and their end-customers.

Our goal is not to compete with, but to support our partners in offering “the next-level” technology solutions to their end customers, without the need to hire resources for projects and technologies not in their core business.

Our work is our marketing. We do what we promise and do it exceptionally well. Trust is the backbone of our unit and what we base our partnerships on.

We specialize in: